Dr. Cingel feels a positive dental experience at an early age will help ensurea lifetime of proper oral care. Every child’s comfort level is different. Assessing a child’s perceptions of dentists and dentistry is the critical first step. Once this important assessment is made, we are able to discuss this with the patient and prepare them emotionally for any needed procedures. This works for the vast majority of children.

The process is simple, never take the child’s autonomy away and treat them as you would an adult. We ask the patient to raise their left hand whenever they want us to stop. We then discuss why they raised their hand. Through this method, the patient become trusting in our goal and the participation aspect helps acknowledge the patients feelings and helps foster a relationship with the dental team.

Did we mention we like treating children? Well, we do and it is an honor for us to present dentistry in a good light to the youth of today.